Flowers, Vintage Jewelry, and Wishes!

I LOVE hydrangeas. They are my favorite flower. I had a wonderful day today--good day at work, plus I had a massage afterwards! It was so relaxing--before I left I scurried over to the huge hydrangea bushes  hiding on one side of the house. I picked a huge bunch! Don't worry--I didn't steal them--the owner told me to take as many as I wanted! Woo Hoo!

While on flowers--look at this darling little ballerina. The tiny porcelain roses on her tutu are so romantic. 

Here are some photos of where she lives, nestled among part of my collection of vintage jewelery, glass stoppers, and glass furniture pulls.

These all live in the super shabby chic bookcase in my guest room.

This vintage silver tidbit tray makes a great display for so many precious baubles.

Again, with the etched silverplate! I can't seem to get enough!

Look at the cute little silver box!

I also have part of my collection of white pottery in the cupboard.

What vignette would be complete without PINK milk glass?

Here is our ballerina friend dancing under a Heisey compote overflowing with vintage pearls, bottle stoppers, and beads.

Since I started this post on hydrangeas, here is the completed arrangement--simple blooms spilling out of a crusty cast-iron urn! Now we get on to the "wish" section of this post.....

I want all my readers, i.e. YOU, to make a wish--it can be trivial, something you've always wanted, or something serious. You decide--add this as a comment--I want to see what you wish for, etc...I'm toying with the idea of having my first give-a-way, and this is a way for me to hone in on what you might like!

I'll start with a few wishes...

1. I wish you would follow my blog and leave lots of wonderful comments.

2. I wish I had my own antiques shop one day.

3. I wish I had  huge hydrangea bushes in my beautiful English Cottage Garden--oh and for a beautiful English Cottage Garden!

Thanks in advance for your participation.....

One more thing.....A preview of what's yet to come!

While many of you were barbecuing, sunning on the beach, or just relaxing on Memorial Day Weekend, I was busy at home doing a bunch of projects, including re-arranging furniture,  cleaning, yard work, and painting you know what it is? Do you recognize it? Some of you may wish that I hadn't painted solid mahogany furniture, but I tend to frustrate a lot of folks for that....! That was a hint--it used to be a dark mahogany color.....Check back soon for a post letting you know what this is all about!

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage~
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