Wacked Out Mid-Century Modern House

This is a little different than my usual posts. A good friend of mine, Wanda Bond, is a Realtor, and a new property came available--so we went to check it out! We were so completely blown away by the decor that we had to go back to get a camera!

Above is the built-in bar! Check out those super retro stools!

If you think this yellow couch is sweet, wait until the next pic.....

There must have been a sale on yellow furniture when they bought this 50 some years ago? Don't pay attention to the weird guy in the background.....note to self--those shorts really make my butt look big!

Here is another view of the mod room!

This is in the den--a very mellow minimalist thing going on here.

Some nice Danish Moderne furniture in the dining room.

And a freaky retro chandy, to boot!

A space-age modern kitchen complete with ORIGINAL 1950's Stainless Steel Appliances! Even the drawers were stainless with wooden fronts.

I've coined this the Brady Bunch room.

Weird wooden room divider thingy. Look through to the hallway--the original grass wallpaper--that stuff is still stuck after all these years, no wonder it's making such a comeback! 

This is the Mystery Machine Bathroom.

Sacre Bleu! Is that wallpaper on the ceiling, too?

This sight to behold is a milk glass sphere supported on a clear acrylic or Plexiglas base.

And for one last pic....the sun-room complete with AstroTurf for carpet! I think you'll really like my next post, as I am re-arranging the living room! Hopefully that'll be done in a few days!
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