A comment I left Cindy over at My Romantic Home inspired this post. Generally I have to carefully stage and crop my blog photos to hide messes, as I constantly have something torn up to change things around--either re-arranging furniture, replacing furniture, shuffling accessories, etc. My walls are starting to look like swiss cheese from moving around pictures, but of course, I carefully hand new items to cover the holes! I have had 8, yes eight different dining room tables, four different kitchen islands, and have replaced nearly every chair in the house 3 or 4 times over in the past 2.5 years!!! In fact my laundry room is packed to the brim with several old chairs, a pair of old end tables, a half dozen lamps, loads of great framed artwork, candlesticks, serving platters, tidbit trays, and more waiting on a dealer to come and pick up! All things I once loved and had to have and didn't think I'd ever part with, now they are piled up like old junk and I can't wait for them to be gone! It's funny how thing go like that! Seeing how I am in one of those 'change' moments, I will spare you with the horrors of my home right now and share a few photos of previous times, hopefully these are all new to you. I apologize if I repeat any photos!

Here are some lovely Occupied Japan figurines and a cute ballet dancer.
More mercury glass and antique grelots.
More trinkets. I love this little guy riding a snail. He is also Occupied Japan. The little bird peeking in the photo is made from ash from Mt. Saint Helen.
One of several Pope themed pieces of Occupied Japan I own.
I love the little bride and groom in this egg! Sooo cute.
Yet another Pope, this time he's a planter or cigarette holder the jury is still out on that one!

This is an antique bobble head bishop made of papier-mâché. Why he exists is lost even to me, but he was very unique and fits in with my collection of strange religious items.

Just a few changes have happed since I snapped these photos--I bought a house, relocated all of these treasures, re-arranged them, then painted the china hutch, and re-arranged some more! I hope you've enjoyed your visit! Comments are always appreciated and read! 
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