French Bottle Drying Rack and Hoosier Cabinet

I got this really great French bottle drying rack and beautiful wire French basket.
I displayed them with a beautiful cloche (what else?) on my antique Hoosier cabinet. This Hoosier belonged to my great-grandmother. My grandfather (her son, he's in his 70's) says he can't remember them not having this in their house. My grandparents acquired this from her when she moved into a senior apartment complex in the late 70's or early 80's. That is also about the time my grandmother had it stripped and refinished, as it had been a shabby distressed white painted finish...eeek...the horror. Why would anyone want to take beautiful white and make it oak? I may (probably will) paint this flat white in the very near future. As a good friend always says, oak is only good for toilet seats and firewood. Sorry to offend any of you who like oak.
I love the chippy enameled top. It really pops the crusty rusty patina of the wire basket.
The bottle rack is a convenient place to keep cups and mugs handy near my tea and hot cocoa stash. 
I got these great metal bins at Through The Garden Gate, one of my favorite antiques shops. They are from an old hardware store. The nicely fill in the space where the roll-top door is missing.
I love this really unique shaped cloche. Please stay tuned this is part of many future posts on my kitchen! Happy bloggin!

Update: I got the drying rack from Wisteria. They have the one above and a much larger one. Thank you Dotty Waters for funding this through the BB&T Visa gift card you gave me almost a year ago that I forgot was in my wallet!!!  I love this site and all the goodies they sell! Thank you, Wisteria for the picture.
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