Harvest Hauntings

Here is a second helping of photos from Through The Garden Gate! These are from this past week-end's Fall Open House. Pam closes her shop for a whole week prior to her quarterly open houses to prepare! Her and her wonderful staff work very hard the week they are closed to customers--cleaning, arranging, re-stocking, etc.! They completely re-do the entire shop in one week! I have been to nearly all of her open houses since she opened! I always look forward to what is new! 

I especially love her Fall Open House because I generally hate (I  know, strong word and all that....) Fall colors and traditional Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. All that orange and brown make me go BLAH! So when I see how she can take little hints of Fall colors and charming (not scary) Halloween items and add it to all the beautiful items in her shop--it jump-starts me into the whole Fall season--and encourages me that I can decorate for more than just Christmas and Easter! 
I'm amazed at how something as simple as tree branches and cheesecloth add such a wonderfully spooky atmosphere without all the blood and gore generally seen in modern Halloween decor!
Such light, bright, cheery Fall items--they really make me want to celebrate the season.
I really want that chicken coop! I'm not sure what I'd use it for, but I want it! 
Again, branches and cheese cloth--two things that are inexpensive and add huge amounts of drama!
I love the vintage-inspired glittered pumpkin guys! 
Here is a cleaver re-use of remnants of fabric--they'd be super easy to make, but at the price here, it'd be cheaper to buy it!  I love deals like that!
More Cheery fall decor.
I love the touches of black in the otherwise almost all white room--it really pops as creepy, but not overly creepy.
Simply Fall leaves, some mini Casper pumpkins, and vintage millinery make a great vignette!
This near life-sized doll lives near the check-out area and is always bedecked with seasonal attire! 
Through The Garden Gate has a fantastic selection of unique pumpkins for the open house, but most of them are gone by the end of the day.
Here is one final shot of her shop! I promise I'll do another post on Through The Garden Gate sometime soon--it will probably be from the Christmas Open House--which is scheduled for November 6th! I can't wait!

Coming Soon @ Shabby French Cottage--New Master Bathroom Reveal; Laundry Room Reveal; For the Love of Birds, and much more! Please follow to stay tuned!

[Edit: Thanks again, Pam for letting me use your photos! I can't believe I forgot my camera!]
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