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Here is the front of the home I staged. It is what it is--a 1971 Story and a half brick home--however--the siding and brick was power-washed, the bushes trimmed, several trees removed, shutters painted and roof replaced. Some were strictly cosmetic, and some changes were necessary due to damage from a storm, however the really make the house sing. It was always a nice house from the outside, now it is the nicest home on the block.

Beautiful all glass front door greet you as you walk up the front steps.

As you first step inside, you are welcomed into a spacious foyer. Here we have simply placed a console table, mirror, and lamp. This is a great place for the other Realtors to leave their cards so we know who has been there. The table and mirror are the home owners and the lamp came out of my office--cost=Free!

As you peer to your right, you see the beautiful dining room. The furniture, mirror, and rug are the home owners, the chandelier came from the Habitat ReStore, and the faux florals came from my house.
Total cost in this room: $20.00 for the chandelier.

In the formal Living Room, we slipcovered the sofa with a slipcover I had riding around in my car for months. . .spray-painted the homeowners outdated coffee table to update it, and bought a few new fresh and modern accessories at Marshall's--this cost us around $50.00 for this room. The art over the piano again came from my house.

In the family room, I did a mantle scape using found objects from around her house: bottles, an antique mirror, ceiling tin, bread board, and an aluminum pitcher full of branches from the back yard. It really makes a statement and draws your eye to the beautiful fireplace with out overwhelming it. An antique crate of fire wood and some comfortable seating further showcase the room as a place to relay!

Here is another view of the family room. Something as simple as a wardrobe with a basket on top grounds the room, balances the fireplace and doesn't clutter the room up. 

I staged the first floor bedroom as an office--I used what the homeowner had--thankfully she had all of this wonderful vintage and antique furniture to give this room a charming industrial feel--while trendy, it is a fresh and modern take on classic style--what is what you need to do to make your house sell, especially in this market!

The Realtor, Wanda Bond ( brought her breakfast set out of her own kitchen to show what a nice size the kitchen was.  

The homeowner has a HUGE laundry/storage area right off the kitchen--to showcase just how big this room is, we cleverly placed the homeowner's red step stool at the far end to draw the eye. The homeowner also cleared everything off the floor, and organized shelves.

As this is a 1971 house, it still has it's 1971 bathrooms and original fixtures. A few eye-catching accessories really liven up an otherwise blah and all white room. Fresh paint and a super duper cleaning were all it took to make this bathroom really show itself well.

 We needed linens to make the bed in this bedroom--off the the clearance section at Marshall's we went! The bedspread, blanket, and upholstery on the chest are tablecloths! Cleaver positioning of the furniture and a few accessories really liven up the room.

To showcase just how big the master bedroom was, we put the bed on an angle in the corner--this is a queen sized bed, mind you! The rug in the room was beautiful, but the teal color was just too bright and it was the only thing you noticed when you were in this room, to alleviate this fact--I just turned the rug over! You can't always do this, but when it works, the results are amazing! You still have the same beautiful rug, but with more subdued colors.

Here is one last shot of the home! I found out yesterday that there are multiple offers on the house! By the way it's only been on the market for 14 days! It really goes to show that staging really is important when selling a home in this day and age!

Coming soon: Valentine's Day Tree & Spring decorating tips--on a budget!

Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage
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