Instant Foyer

I have a very small foyer--it's about 4' x 4'. Really, it's to small to function as a foyer. I really wanted a place to have right inside the door to kick off my shoes, temporarily house the mail, put my keys, etc. So I came up with this idea: 

I moved the china hutch that was here into the dining room and put the table that used to be in front of the picture window where it was. It had been in the attic since I bought the altar that I know have there. The domed silver serving dish is for my keys. I can put mail in the drawer on the old vanity table. FYI--I mixed silk and dried hydrangeas for this arrangement. I love using old champagne buckets for flower containers.

I snatched the beautiful French mirror from my bedroom (still haven't replaced it with anything) and a few accessories from around the house and came up with this. I can kick my shoes under the table--I will add a boot tray or something similar eventually. I didn't think the arrangement had enough height, so I put an old chippy metal porch column in the corner. The lamp is vintage Italian Murano glass. I picked it up at a yard sale estate sale two summers ago. Oh--it was $5! Yes FIVE BUCKS! I got the shade at Target. As a side note, they have really great lamps and shades! If you want a similar lamp to this, Lowes has one right now for about $20.00. It is glass and is the same color and has a similar shape!

I stuck with a blue, green, and grey color palate to make the area feel separate from the mostly white and pastel room. It works in the rest of the room because I use grey and teal as accents. By using my accent colors en mass, it clearly defines two separate spaces while keeping the overall look cohesive. I used a little pop of pink roses because there is so much pink in the room. Having no pink, to me, would have made it stick out.

These are roses I got on Valentine's day. I dried them and put them in a silver compote.

So for no money and about an hours time, I achieved the look I wanted. Don't be afraid to re-arrange furniture or move accessories around the house. It keeps everything feeling fresh.

Happy almost Spring! I'll be back soon with more goodies, including an unexpected kitchen remodel! Gosh I love water leaks!

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

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