The Mess of Renovations

You all know by now I just finished remodeling my kitchen. You have all seen the before and after photos--and that is only what the majority of other bloggers actually ever post. I wanted to share with you all that renovation is not instant, nor is it fun! In fact it creates a big mess and a bigger headache! I think I'm going to regret posting these photos, but it is what it is! I don't want anyone trying to accomplish a DYI project think they can do it pain free! I had dishes, and pots & pans, and everything everywhere! I couldn't find the Laundry Room, the Dining Room was so full you couldn't even walk in it. My guest bedroom was overflowing with stuff. Case in point--the whole house looked like something you'd see on Hoarders. Click on the photos for a larger view, if you dare!

 Just look at my poor laundry room! (Yes, my microwave normally lives in the laundry room....)

See--I told you you couldn't get into the dining room! poor guest was the landing site of everything that had been in the kitchen cabinets.... things aren't quite this bad anymore, but the house is still suffering from the aftermath!

I can't believe how much stuff was in the kitchen cabinets!

While everything was all messed up, I went through the entire house. Every closet, cabinet, cupboard, shelf. Under every bed. Even the attic and the shed. I tore open boxes of things I hadn't seen since I moved in and PURGED! Yes, I threw out, gave away, and sold tons and tons of stuff!

I had a yardsale with a friend of mine and I took 5 TRUCKLOADS, plus 4 carloads of stuff for it! Dishes, furniture, extra chandeliers and stained glass I had just lying around or shoved in a closet (really.....why would you put chandeliers and stained glass in a closet?)

Creating this giant mess made me part with things I'd been holding onto for no good reason. Now, I'm nowhere near done with putting everything I kept away because I'm going though everything again before I display it or store it to further PURGE! We're having a second yardsale on Mothers' Day Weekend--I hope to have just as much stuff to put in it! There is something good about all of this--I sold enough stuff at the yardsale to pay for my ENTIRE kitchen remodel! Yes you read that right. My yardsale paid for the entire kitchen renovation! Woohoo! So not only do I have a brand new kitchen, I will also have an organized house (here in a few weeks--I still have a lot of grut work ahead of me to clean the mess up!), and a zero balance on my Lowe's Card! Maybe I'll make enough at my next yardsale to do some more landscaping! 

Vent hood....I promise the tutorial for my vent hood is still in the works. I'm having to draw the pictures because I don't have any during constructions photos of the frame......sorry this is taking so long!

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage
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