Berry Fro Yo Adventure

Have I got a story today for you. . . .Keep reading to find out my weekend journey for some Frozen Yogurt!

Do you ever have one of those times when you really want something? Well, this morning after the church service was over, a friend (and wonderful photographer--and new sponsor, more on that later....) asked if I had ever been to a new local Frozen Yogurt shop. Needless to say, that is all I thought of all day, because I love Fro Yo, and the only places near me are a 45 min. drive away! Too far for a snack. So I finally get myself together to go there, needless to say they were CLOSED!  What makes matters worse is that there was a store full of customers, plus people waiting in line outside to get in! She started turning those in line away and quickly booted out those still in the store! This isn't a chain, but a locally owned and operated Mom & Pop Shop. I can't believe anyone would do something like that. No names will be mentioned in this post to protect the potentially ignorant! Why would you close your business and kick out customers on a hot summer evening when it is still daylight?  I'm at loss for words. Either way, me and the friend I was with proceeded to drive around looking for another place to go. The Cold Stone nearby had gone out of business and the only other places were Sonic and soft serve place--since both of us are super duper lactose intolerant, we decided to go home! 

On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store to get some Peach Fro Yo.

Needless to say, berries were on sale. We then readjusted our plan for the evening.

Go home, wash berries, eat our own Peach Fro Yo with fresh berries. Who needs the fancy kind of Fro Yo that shoots out of a mechanical udder anyway?

Take plenty of photos of said berries in cute vintage style colander. 

Take even more photos of said berries.

You can see the "fourth wall"--the often unseen side of my kitchen in the photo! Boy, have I got to paint that mirror white!

Dish up Fro Yo in a dish you would only use to take photographs for your blog.

Carefully place berries one by one, the proceed to QUICKLY take a few photos before said Fro Yo melts.

Remember to add a vintage silver spoon for good measure!

Since no foodie photo shoot is complete without any bubbly, pour some diet cherry 7up into thrifted stemware and add a few berries for good measure! The proceed to take a few more art shots and write a semi-sarcastic tongue-in-cheek blog post about your adventures of trying to get some frozen yogurt!

I almost forgot, finish your now delicious chilled blueberry peach soup. 

Happy Blogging and may all your Fro Yo wishes come true!

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

PS, I plan to return to said silly yogurt shop very soon!

[Computer Status Update: I was able to revive it for the time being, but it is soon to be pushing up daisies, as it needs a new motherboard and hard drive ASAP. I've been computer shopping, but its not in my budget, so I will keep up with everyone as best as I can for the time being! If you'd like to help, you can find out how here. In the mean time, I will be searching the THOUSANDS of photos I have stored online to find the rest of my photos from Maymont to share!]
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