Maymont Italian Garden

Here is another post on Maymont. Each area of the garden is its own secret garden! I will do a post on the charming pathways and unexpected touches later today or tomorrow! One great thing about Maymont, is you can't see one part of the gardens from another, even though they are right next to each other! Every turn is a surprise.These are photos from the Italian Garden. After walking down a winding, narrow path surrounded by lush hedges, just tall enough to block your view, and after a few steps, you open up to this!

A small, formal fountain greets you as you enter the Italian Garden. Due to a recent storm, they're aren't too many roses. They change out the annuals seasonally, so it is always slightly different. Many of the roses are original to the Estate and bloom as early as March and continue blooming through December, depending on how mild it is! I went a few years ago in January and there were a few stragglers! Heirloom roses are the way to go!

This Jeffersonian Rotunda is at one end of a large arbor covered in grapevines. The Estate used to produce its own wine. I don't believe they do this anymore. Virgina is quickly becoming a top wine producer! Maybe Maymont needs to start a Winery! (Hint, Hint, Maymont Foundation!) You can see chairs from where they were set up for a wedding occurring later that day. We got to see the bridal party taking photos! Everything was beautiful.

The urns and statuary are amazing! I'm going to be doing a separate post on the Statuary and Fountains here in a day or so! This urn is in a secluded part of the Italian Garden.

The formal garden has flagstone paths surrounding the beds.

You can see the grapevine and the HUGE arbor in this photo. Check out these vibrant pink roses. The smell is heavenly.

The Italian Garden is set on the top of the Estate which is located on a sloping terrain. The garden is terraced and has several levels and hidden areas.

Here are some of the levels looking up at them.

At the lowest terrace, you come to this amazing fountain. More photos are coming when I do a separate post on just fountains and Statuary!

After you walk down the serpentine stairway, you seem to dead end, but there is another narrow path that leads to the Japanese Garden. Photos coming later this week!

Here are some more shots of the beautiful stone terrace! All of the stone is local. Most came from the Estate when they blasted away the bedrock to terrace the garden.

Here is another angle of the beautiful arbor.

If you come from the Maymont Mansion, this is the entrance to the Arbor.

I'll be back with many more photos later this week! Look forward to seeing the Japanese Garden, including a waterfall, more of the beautiful statuary & fountains, some amazing close up photographs of some of the dragonflies, butterflies, and bees on the Estate.

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage
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