Le Petit Pois

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 Few! It's been a long week for me! I don't know about you, but my week started out with a bang--literally! I got rear-ended on the way to church! Whaa! Anyway, I worked in Charlottesville, VA a few days this week and had a really great lunch at a café seemingly off the streets of Paris!
Le Petit Pois has a very nice, modestly priced menu of delicious French specialities: escargot, pâté, tartes, and  a host of other goodies!

The setting is beautiful! I love the sleek look of a silver table with polished stainless flatware and crisp white linens. Very modern.

It was so hot, I drank that entire 33 oz bottle of water!

The café is located in the beautiful and historic downtown area. It was transformed into a pedestrian only trove of great eateries, quirky shops, and lovely gardens.

The baguette was very good! I don't find I say that often. . .That's butter, not cheese, on the edge of the plate.

It was really hot, so I opted for soup and salad!

For my soup I selected the chilled pea soup, garnished with crème fraîche, radish, and freshly ground pepper. It was really good. One of the best chilled soups I've ever had!

I finished off my lunch with a refreshing salade niçoise topped with seared tuna.  Everything about it was perfect for a hot summer afternoon. I hope I get a chance to eat here again.

I've got some fun things up my sleeve for upcoming posts, as well as the BIG SECRET to reveal! Hopefully I'll also get my eShop open sometime this weekend! 
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