Cottage Garden 2011

I'd noticed that one of my most popular posts was on my cottage garden, after looking at that post, I'm embarrassed looking at those photos! 5 rose bushes, 13 hydrangeas, plenty of daises, and lots of other stuff later--here it is this year!

I'm a little upset, my hydrangeas have not bloomed this year. I've gotten a few blooms off of the ones I most recently planted, but nothing from the ones I planted last year.

Don't look, I know, I need to edge..... The periwinkle has grown in nicely. It should bloom again here soon!

I'm using a antique cast-iron cauldron with a busted bottom to coil the hose in. I'd wanted one of those fancy hose containers from the store, and came across this one for $5.00!

There's a bloom. That's one of the neub hydrangeas. 

Some vintage chairs greet you on the porch, along with some stray leaves.

I used what concrete edging I had to create a whimsical curved shaped border. You can also see where I stacked a smaller bird bath in a larger one to create the look of a tiered fountain.

I nearly lost two rose bushes to powder mildew. I had to spray and spray and cut them wayyyy back, but now they are doing fine!

However, you can tell by the dead plants, that I can't keep salvia alive! The poor things. I wish my flagstone walkway looked that good in person! It's all wonky and has bare patches of sand in real life! I love what you can crop out of a photo.

I planted this whole flowerbed earlier this Spring. It is growing in nicely, I just wish the grass would grow back where it's supposed to, and not in the flowerbed. 

Lavender, roses, and mint--let's just say this part smells really good! I lost a bit of the mint from scorch, but it is still thriving. I've been using it as a substitute for basil in lots of recipes, including pesto--it is fantastic. I'm a little bummed, though, my lavender has yet to bloom! Any hints on this??

The lavender is growing like crazy, just no blooms! What am I doing wrong? Anyone in Blogland have experience with lavender? 

[Edit: Thank you for all your tips, etc. regarding my lavener. Several of you have suggested that it is another plant; however, it is Lavender, Stoechas Silver Anoek.

This Spanish lavender creates a scene with large violet 6" flowers and fragrant, bright silvery-green foliage. As flowers shift to lighter purple, wings appear to float around it.]

I've let the periwinkle and wild strawberry vine take over as ground cover--the birds love it! I really love how it has made this bird cage look like it grew there.

The impatients have really done well this year--that is a HUGE washtub full of them that started from three very small plants! I got all of my gazing balls at the Habitat ReStore! Can't beat a buck each!

You can really see the nifty curved shape I gave to the flowerbeds. I only had to buy a few more pieces of the concrete edging, as I had tons of it from the previous owner.

More impatients, plus you can see how well the ivy topiaries have grown in!

I hope you have enjoyed this quick tour of my garden! I'm still on cloud nine from being featured in the September 2011 Romantic Homes magazine as a COVER STORY!!!! Woohooo! If you haven't picked one up yet, please do so ASAP! eShop (beta) opens tomorrow!!!

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage
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