Secret Garden

Wow, what do I say--we've had an earthquake on the east coast! Crazy, and ending our week, we're having a hurricane! Oy vey! Either way, it's time to post some photos of beautiful things for once!

These are photos from my visit to Maymont, a Gilded-Age estate bequeathed to the city of Richmond, VA for the enjoyment of the public at the turn of the last century! FYI--per their Facebook page, the animals, grounds, and mansion escaped with little to no damage following this past Tuesday's 5.8 earthquake. I know, I know you guys in California stir your coffee with a 5.8, but that only happens once a century or so around here!

I've titled this post "Secret Garden" because these are all places you can't see from the main path! You have to veer down winding pathways like the ones below to find them:

Sorry for the short post--I hope you've enjoyed more photos from Maymont, I've got one more post on the park, and some other goodies to show you, too! Hopefully I'll get a lot done around the house because of Hurricane Irene being in town and all! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers! It's hard to deal with two natural disasters in one week!

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage
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