Christmas Kitchen

Okay, okay, I'm sure you've seen my kitchen before...(here, here, here, and here)it's all over Pinterest, not to mention was featured on lots and lots of blogs, and was in September 2011's Romantic Homes Magazine! I did want to show you I've tweaked it a bit, and decorated it for Christmas. I've kept it simple since it is the kitchen and I do cook in here...You wouldn't believe the number of people that ask me if I cook in there! Of course I do--It's my kitchen! Ha!

A few simple changes over the vent hood (tutorial here)--I added some blue mason jars and a tiny feather tree in a boot. I added the Noel sign for good measure. 

I love the touch of aqua on the snowflake letter o. It brings the color of the mason jars closer to eye level and really draws your attention up.

I added a really neat clock, too--pretend not to notice the big ole bag of chocolate chips...Right after I snapped these photos I made lots of cookies--chocolate chip and cranberry chocolate chip. I made lots of extra cookie dough, too, and popped it in the freezer so I won't have to mess up everything to make cookies again this year!

I hate seeing appliances, but I use my toaster too much to put it away. I've become addicted to the new Kashi blueberry waffles...mmmm.....needless to say, I incorporated my toaster into the vignette. It looks so much more grand placed in front of a large silver platter and flanked with a bust. Even the paper towels look special under a cloche.

I picked up this silver tastevin at a thrift shop for a few dollars. It definitely adds little French sparkle to the bottle drying rack! The vintage-look glasses are from Dollar Tree!

I love the "Free Ice Water" sign--I picked that up at the same thrift store I bought the tastevin from!

As you can tell, I still have left the back of my island unfinished. I just love the rawness of it!

Here I put a tinsel tree and some glittered reindeer with framed reproduction postcards.

A simple vignette of reindeer pulling a sleigh of antique Christmas ornaments tops a bookshelf used as a pantry area.

I put the tree down into a German glass glittered toy drum.

I tweaked a few things in this corner. 

And I have to include a photo of my trash can--so many folks ask me about this. Just take a vintage shopping cart, put a burlap coffee sack in it, turn the unfinished edge under to form a cuff and fit it around the perimeter, and put a plastic garbage can in it to protect the coffee sack! I have a 13 gallon can in there.

Merry Christmas To All! I'll be back with even more goodies. I still have ANOTHER Christmas tree to share, as well!
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