I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

After lots of teasing Christmas decor, heavily cropped photos to hide the mess of ornaments, boxes, etc. still in the room--you know what I'm talking about--Here is the first of many reveals of the Christmas decor at my home this year! This is my guest room which is almost entirely pink and green, because of this I decided to do all of my pink and pastel Christmas decor in this room! Enjoy! Check back soon for more!
Add a quick burst of color by corralling like colored Christmas ornaments under a cloche. In this case I used all vintage Shiny Brite ornaments I've collected over the years--do you know how hard it is to find pink ones? Or how much it aches when you break one? 
I added a slew of anything and everything pink and white I could find for this display! Think outside the (hat) box--I used a fabulous pink and white striped hat box as a riser.

I topped off said hat box with a cherished Bethany Lowe angel, some bottle brush trees, and some more pink Shiny Brites.

Another cloche protects a glass glittered paper Eiffel Tower.

Another view of the pretty angel.

I love bottle brush trees! Can you have too many? What is the cutoff? I have about 100!

This one is a particular favorite--I love the glass glitter accents and the mercury glass beads.

Of course, most of you have seen my jar of buttons, but I love the texture it adds to this vignette!

And the pi├Ęce de resistance -- the Pink Christmas Tree!!!  There will be several more posts on this room, including my Putz-style Christmas village, as well as tons of photos of the pink Christmas tree! Check back soon for more reveals of all the Christmas Goodies I have in store, as well as tips to achieve a designer look on your tree!
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