No White Christmas For Me. . . .

Highs in the 50's and 60's and rain are in the forecast for my Christmas, so I thought I'd share some photos of the beautiful White Christmas over at Through The Garden Gate!

One of these came home with me. . . Can you say LOVE?

From Meteorologist Mike Stone on the CBS6 Weather Blog:

This year, Christmas Day will be mild with the chance of a few rain drops.  This type of weather has actually been fairly common over the past 10 years.  However, there have been some other types of weather as well.
Here are the high temps and weather recorded at Richmond International Airport on December 25 during these years:
 2010:   37°    2.7" snow (with another 1.6" on the 26th)
2009:   56°    0.76" rain (there was 2" of snow on the ground when it started raining)
2008:   64°    Trace rain (most of the day was dry)
2007:   52°    dry
2006:   56°    0.63" rain
2005:   60°    1.70" rain
2004:   34°    dry
2003:   44°    dry
2002:   45°    0.54" rain
2001:   44°    dry
2000:   30°    sunny & cold
Normal  High & Low:   48° / 30°
Warmest Christmas:  74° in 1955
Coldest   Christmas:  1983 -- Low 3°, High 14°
Snowiest  Christmas:  5.4" in 1914
The last time it snowed on Christmas, prior to last year, was 0.1" in 1993.  Less than 10% of Christmas Days have snowfall.

You can see I've had very few White Christmases! I can't complain, though, in the South people go crazy--grocery store run out of bread and milk--I haven't figured that one out--I rarely keep either at home!

Let these photos from Through The Garden Gate warm your spirit as you dream of a White Christmas!

Check back tonight for how to get my new Digital Christmas album! Check Facebook here for a preview!

Also coming soon--photos from a beautifully restored 1879 mansion decked out for Christmas, plus more photos from Sycamore Antiques & Architectural Art!

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