Amazing Architectural Salvage

 I LOVE architectural salvage. I've got it throughout my home and garden. It is one of my favorite things, not to mention super hot in design right now. Its staying power is two fold--it recycles and it adds charm and character from days gone by that just is not found in modern homes--even many of the top-dollar custom homes.

I am lucky in the fact that I live in an area steeped with history dating back to the Colonial Era. Unfortunately what some refer to as progress really means tearing down beautiful gems of architecture and replacing them with ugly faux stucco fronted metal buildings. But fortunately for me, there is an ample supply of stained glass, mouldings, doors, garden statuary, chandeliers, and more! I went to this shop in Lynchburg, Va. a few weeks ago. Enjoy the photos! Interspersed are some photos from my home you've probably already seen that give you an idea of how to incorporate architectural salvage into your own home decor.

Gosh! I LOVE stained glass!!! Here are some places I use stained glass in my home:


(Click any photo to for a larger view!)

Of course you can't have too much vintage garden items! I love this chair!

. . .and these chairs. . .and those wrought iron gates. Yum!

More gates. Wow, I'd love to have those in the garden! But don't limit yourself to only using garden items in the garden. A gate makes a wonderful headboard or statement piece hung over a mantle. You could hang on from the ceiling as a room divider. Garden tables and chairs look great in a casual dining room. Use a birdbath for a side table or night stand. Here are some photos from my home showing you what I've done with garden items, inside and out:

(Click any photo to for a larger view)

  Tip: Group similar objects such as door knobs together as a bowl filler

Tip: Garden gates make great artwork indoors
Tip: If you find garden furniture with a great patina--seal with matte spay sealer in case of lead paint and to preserve the chippy color

Tip: A garden urn makes a great coffee table when topped with glass
Tip: Old ballroom chandeliers look stunning even in a 1964 rancher
Of course replacing your doors with antique ones is fabulous, but don't forget that old doors are deceivingly multi-functional. 

Tip: Use them in a retail setting to create a sales counter

Tip: Use them as a table top (cover with glass) or as a head board

Tip: Hinge several together to form a room divider

Tip: An old door with frosted glass inserts are perfect for getting light into windowless hall baths while still maintaining privacy

Tip: Use L Brackets to fasten two tall windows missing their glass into a 90 degree angle to use as a trellis for climbing roses or if your luck enough to find 8 matching windows, use them as corner supports for an arbor or gazebo

Or if you have a TON of windows, you could even build a greenhouse!

You can never have too much stained glass!

These are the doors to my dream home!

I hope you've enjoyed this post. I'll be back soon with more tips and goodies very soon. Please pin away!
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