Junker's Heaven

Last weekend I went to Lynchburg to celebrate my great-great-aunt's 101st birthday. As I previously lived in Lynchburg for several years, there were a few places I wanted to go while I was there. While I was out antiquing, I stumbled upon a place I hadn't been. Fred's. I'll say it again Fred's. This place should be the Mecca of Junkers. It is a huge warehouse turned Salvage/Thrift store. While the building is obviously dirty and in disrepair as
 I nearly fell when my foot went through a rotted section 4th floor stair landing, it is a fabulous "trove of treasures untold" to quote Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Don't worry--I'll be back to pretty photos of beautiful things in the next few posts, but had to share this place with the world! I'll get the address and number for Fred's posted here soon.

The sign says it all! While the place seems disorganized at first, there are decently wide aisles to walk down and everything is sorted by what it is into piles. Piles of desks, piles of computer monitors, piles of this and that. . . .Tables stacked to the ceiling. While I'm sure you won't find a priceless antique, I'm sure you'll find the perfect thing to inspire a project.

Just look at all those desks and chairs! Wouldn't it be great to style a funky modern dining room using those chairs?

They have everything, even the kitchen sink! Sorry for the dark photos, but the place has very few windows.

I'd love to have this chandelier! It is HUGE!

There were tons of chairs that need equal amounts of work, but the frames were in good shape.

There had to have been thousands of chairs in that room.

I love the French chair--it was walnut and $42! Check out the hairpin legs on that footstool or the fabulous trestle table.

Need a bike? Take your pick--plus that's not the only pile of bikes there, either!

More headboards than you could shake a stick at--there are even beautiful brass beds hiding!

Need a side table?

Or a mirror? Fred's has 100's to choose from. I only bought a mirror for my bedroom.

Check back soon for more photos from my trip to Lynchburg, including my visit to the Farmers' Market and a fantastic architectural salvage shop!
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