Cloche, Can You See ?!?

After that title, I'm going to run around humming the National Anthem for the next two weeks! Anyway, I love cloches. Here are some photos of them around my house. I hope you enjoy!These are in the guest bath (please disregard the ugly dated metal exhaust fan, it's on my to-do list!) I love the tall leaded glass one--three of the panels are mirror and reflect whatever is in it--I've had this antique glass statue in it to play off the light, okay, you got me the beautiful translucent statue is resin--that's right plastic, oh--the best part? She was FREE! A friend had her is his shop and I was going to buy it, but he gave it to me!!! Come to think of it, he gave me the cloche next to this one, as well!
Depending on how loose you use the term cloche, here are some apothecary jars in the guest room. One had spools of twine, the other is filled with mother of pearl buttons!
Here's another cloche--you can also see most of my collection of floral brooches!
Some baby cloches--I got these at Goodwill 1/2 price!
This is in my kitchen--also here is the other arrangement of silverware--I threw in some china for good measure! Oh--that great lampshade is a tube-top/skirt thing I bought at Marshall's for a buck! Gotta think like Dr. Seuss! Check out this pretty cloche!
Again, in the kitchen, still. I love birds!
Now, I know you're going to think I'm crazy for this--yes I keep a roll of paper towels under a cloche! No I don't use them, unless I'm desperate because I keep a roll hidden in a drawer nearby!
Here's a neat wire cloche. It is old. I'm not sure what is was originally for, but I have several of them!
No French home is complete without a bust of Napoleon--how fitting I keep on a pedestal under glass! More bottle brush stuff!

More bottle brush trees!
I just love spring!
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