More Photos, as Promised!

The first photo is of one of my favorite new projects! I call this my bag-lady trash can! I took a vintage metal shopping cart and a burlap coffee bag and did this! No-Sew! I just rolled the hem over a few times like you roll up shirt sleeves or pants legs! Super Easy! Just below view is a plastic trash can--no mess! Keep reading for the "French Flea-Market" table scape on the breakfast table in my kitchen.I love cloches! Oh, like I said in a previous post, there is another pineapple finial! Ha! They're everywhere!

Vintage silk flowers, antique etched silverplate, antique muffin tins, chandelier drops, vintage silverware, another cloche, old keys, a miniature Tour d'Eiffle, and lots of vintage lace!
Let's zoom in on le Tour d'Eiffle. I just love the combination of textures in this table-scape!
Vintage silverware in an antique juice pitcher make a beautiful arrangement! I love silverware arrangements, I have another I'll show you later on!
Shhhhh! Don't tell, but my grandmother is helping with a program, called Apples of Gold, at her church. This is where women with established families show young single and newly married women how to cook, decorate, throw parties, etc. Grandma's job is table-scaping! Needless to say, I'm helping her with this! The lady in charge is fine with me helping, but says I have to leave before they start the event! Such double standards! Ha! I love it! I'm going to re-create this table, with additional French landmarks! I'm very excited! I'll be sure to post photos! I definitely know where I get my decorating skills from! Grandma and I spent hours digging through vintage tablecloths, napkins, china and silver to pick what to use for this, and other tables! We had such fun! I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes!


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