My New Adventure in Life!

Sorry, no photos now, but will try to get some uploaded later this evening!!!

Since I don't have a job, I'm trying to use what I do best to make up my own. I'm working on details, and don't have any funding, but I have drive, talent, and verve--that must count for something.
I'll be your PA, receptionist, etc. I can type, use Work, Excel, build a website, etc. I can fix most computer problems—and I’m way cheaper than Geek Squad.
I’ve dabbled in commercial and residential interior design & decoration; home staging, quick & inexpensive remodels to re-invent your space, and more. I'll be glad to shop for you or decorate one room or your entire home. My style is diverse, and I'll be glad to help you make your house or apartment your home by letting it reflect your individual style and personality!
I write, arrange, and engrave music—if you have a song handwritten—I can professionally type set and have it printed for you. Need a pianist or organist for your special occasion? Give me a call! I do all types of events both big and small, home tours, corporate events, graduations, weddings, cocktail parties, fashion shows, to name a few. I’ll be glad to plan and perform the music for your wedding or other special event. Heck, I’ve even planned and executed special events for up to 300 people. I even came up with a recipe for gold punch for a golden (50th) anniversary! FYI it was mango-ginger-peach and was a huge hit!
I’m well versed in property management, both residential and commercial—from seeking out new tenants, to evicting the troublesome ones.
As you can tell, I can do just about anything, and with an IQ as high as mine, I catch on pretty fast! I hope I’m able to be of assistance to you in any way possible! I’d love to be in contact with you. Please find me on FaceBook or email me at dmfuller at liberty dot edu [just type like a regular email address, I have it spam proofed so I can post it here!]
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