Living Room

As long promised, here are some WIDE ANGLE shots of my living room! If you see anything of particular interest you'd like to see an entire post on, please let me know! 

This is the view as you walk in the front door.

As you can tell, I'm not exactly afraid of color or pattern!

I love collecting small boxes and trunks--they are a great place to stash all sorts of goodies (and not so goodies--like magazines or other clutter for a quick touch up before friends come over!)

My coffee table is an antique cast-iron urn! I'll do a post on it soon.

I love this wicker rocker. The best part--it was FREE--yes, that's right--FREE! But wait, it gets even better--it was on the curb awaiting trash pick-up, and a friend saw it and snatched it up, then delivered it to my house, called me and said what he had done! I couldn't wait to get home to figure out how to use it!

This is another view of the room, looking towards the foyer. You can see one of the pair of aqua/teal stained glass ogee or Gothic arch windows I have.

Another china hutch, and a topiary I made. I think I might get rid of this china hutch. I haven't made my mind up yet. I might just paint it white or pink. What would you do?

Here is one of my pair of cast-aluminum Queen Anne styled side tables. These retail for around $350.00 each. I paid $30.00 for the PAIR at Marshall's about two years ago!!! Apparently there are something like 4,000 recycled aluminum cans in each one. 

Here is another view of the wicker rocker and table under my picture window. I have another, much larger, ogee arch window to hang in the center, but haven't gotten to it yet. It is a beautiful milky celadon green glass and came from the same church as the two aqua/teal ones!

Just look at all the crusty patina on this old vanity! I'm not sure of it's history, but I saw it and had to have it!

The French doors lead to my office. Originally, there was a wall here, but my stepfather and I installed them to open up the tiny bedroom that I now use as an office.  I will paint them eventually!

I simply love this vintage art glass lamp! It was only $5.00! What a find!

Lamp: Yard-sale, $5.00, Lampshade: Target, $9.00; aqua feather tassel: GardenRidge, $0.72; gorgeous tone-on-tone vignette and mood lighting all in one: Priceless.

I put it on top of a vintage etched mirrored glass plateau for even more sparkle.

Okay, I'm over-doing the lamp, I get it! But I just love it so much!

Here is the view looking towards my office.

This is the view going into the hall that leads to my kitchen. I adore this super ornate mirror! It just screams Paris Apartment Chic!

Here is a close up of the fun wicker chair and mirrored wall! I found this great piece of antique looking-glass mirror, and it fit perfectly there!

I love hydrangeas, and champagne buckets--how many is too many?

This is a sneak peek into my feature on my dining room!--I'm not quite sure why that table is all wonky-topped, but it came that way! Eventually, I will fix it--more likely find someone to fix it, but I love it in all of its crustiness! 

Just an update to those of you who have been reading my blog since the beginning, I finally got a job! I start tomorrow--wish me luck! All your thoughts, prayers, and comments were much appreciated during this difficult time for me.  

As always--please comment--let me know what you want to see, want to see more of, want to see less of, etc. I really appreciate your input! Also, please follow my blog--also you can find me on FaceBook!

Off to more adventures!


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