Pink. . .

Why do people always say pink is for girls and blue is for boys? I've always wondered that. The last time I checked, all colors were neuter--that is gender neutral. What mean person decided to segregate color based on gender? Either way, pink is probably my favorite color. I say probably because I have a hard time picking pink over green! I really love the combination of the two. There is so much pink and green in my house, I treat them as a neutral! Either way I wanted to feature some Pink items around my house, as I painted my front door Martha Stewart Party Streamer pink today! [sorry, no photo of the door, none looked good enough to post!] To top it all off, I took the what color describes you best quiz on FaceBook today, and it said I was pink! Okay, enough rambling, onto the photos!

Here is my Easter BuffetScape. I love to switch out my display on the buffet all the time, in fact, I just took down the Easter display, as tomorrow is the last Sunday of Easter. I have quite a treat in store--I've been busy working on the new display!

Here is some more pink, and a touch of green, too! If you couldn't tell, this is in my guest room. I want to white wash those gold frames--what do you think?

Here is a close up of some of my trinkets. The jar with the yellow lid is a sentimental favorite of mine. This is the jar of buttons my Great-Great-Grandmother saved over many years. I rescued them from a pile of debris in the back yard of my Great-Grandmother's house when it burned down several years ago. When I was sorting through them I found this:

Do you see it? There is a preserved four leaf clover!

Look closer, do you see it now?

Too Close!

Through years in a jar, the a fire, then the firemen tossing this stuff out windows and doors into a huge pile in the back yard--this little lucky jar of buttons survived unscathed! This started my collection of vintage buttons!

Now for some more pink. I've got to make up for no posts for a whole week!

Baaaaa! I just love this little lamb!

The images above are on top of my china cabinet in the living room. The color scheme is inspired by my best friend Maria's wedding colors!

Here are some photos of the current centerpiece on my dining room table! I just love the pink with silver!

Pink mercury glass--can it get any better?

See the cute shabby cherub candle holder? I got the pair for a buck at a thrift store! I just added chandelier prisms from my stash!

I love this little Valentine. It is part of a huge stash of vintage reproduction Valentine's Day, and other cards and photos from Class & Trash!

If you don't recognize this shot, it is my blog's logo! I got this fleur-de-lis figurine at Garden Ridge about three years ago! I have used it in nearly every room of the house at one time or another!

The little tiara is from the dollar section at Target--the white washed terra-cotta pots were ten cents each at a thrift shop! The white urn came from Goodwill.

This is the pink and green dresser I bought from my friend Brenda's booth at The Oak Antique Mall! This is when I had it in my laundry room (a work in progress). It is now in my guest room! I just love the chippy paint! I can't decide if I am going to change the knobs to glass, mercury glass, or leave them as is. Maybe I'll have to change them to each, snap a few pics and let you decide! What do you think?

I couldn't help including this! This was my Christmas tree this past Christmas! It is called the Pretty In Pink tree from! I know it way out of season, but it was/is one of the many pink things in my house! I hope you've enjoyed this post! Please follow my blog--I will follow back! Comments are welcome!
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