Vintage Silver

This post is inspired by Gypsy Fish's Silver Sunday post! I love vintage silver, coin silver, silver plate, sterling, tarnished, shiny, dull, or whatever it doesn't matter. My favorite is the Victorian etched silver plate! I love it.

Here is an example of the etched silver! Look at the pretty flowers! Inside is one of my favorite finds! This is a set of German dessert forks (?) If I'm wrong, let me know!

They are coin silver and the serving fork is a conductor, and each dessert fork is a different musician! Since I am an organist, it makes them even more special to me!

From left to right there is a cellist, violinist, flautist, the conductor, clarinetist, trombonist, and drummer!

Here is another favorite of mine--this lovely cherub compote!

What post on silver can be complete without mentioning mercury glass? I simply love the stuff! Here is part of my collection!

Here is a really cool terrarium I got on clearance at Marshall's! I filled it with a few of my favorite things!

I just love this tone-on-tone vignette!

The pop of silver just makes it sing!!! And sing it shall, as the pretty filler in the bottom is shredded antique sheet music! Don't fret (pun intended) because it was all beyond use due to age and condition--it sure does look great in here! If you didn't know you can click any photo to make it larger--that way you can see more details!

This is another of my favorites! A Victorian chocolate pot! Just imagine a nice cup of steamy rich hot chocolate right now! Yum!

This picture brings me to a preview of my next (or close to next) post! I am going to feature the eclectic array of things in my china hutch! I hope to get this up in a day or so! But either way--here is some more vintage silver! I love the Georgian style of this water pitcher and gravy boat--and what goes in a gravy boat better than gravy? Chandelier drops, of course!!!

Oh--I have to apologize for the creepy dolls! I saw a picture in an old issue of Romantic Homes featuring something similar, and I just had to imitate it! I hope you enjoy, please keep the comments coming! I hope you'll follow my blog, too! You can also find me on Facebook!
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