For The Birds

 I just love avian inspired decor! Birds, bird cages, etc.! For as long as I as I can remember I've adored birds! I don't think I'd ever want a pet one, but figural birds are all over my house, inside and out! Sorry, due to the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole, I couldn't get any photos of the faux birdies outside!

This lams is one of the most favorite things I own--it is also one of the most recent items I have purchased. I got this a few months ago at Home Goods for next to nothing! It reminds me so of Aidan Grey Design--one of my favorite places to look, but the prices are beyond my budget!

This is another one of my favorites--a Victorian, Gothic-Style birdcage with the original chippy green paint!

I saw one of these on eBay, bid, and lost....sad....however, I found an identical one (happy dance) at a quaint antiques shop in Virgina Beach whilst visiting friends.

I spotted these beautiful birds in The Oak Antique Mall, in historic Old Towne Petersburg, VA several years ago. I had to fight two other antique dealers off to get these! I worked here for a number of years and was manager until January 2010. I really miss working here and all the deals I used to get on terrific items! I still try to go as often as possible.

Here is a avian-inspired shelf I purchased at a teeny-tiny antiques shop on Route 1 near Chester, VA--I kid you not it may have been 100 square feet! It was one of several cottages that were a former motel turned antiques shops. Now they are called the Shops at Ivey, which are managed by a local church.

The detail is just so amazing on this--it is just resin--nothing special, but I love it! I have a treasured Maxfield Parrish print hanging above it! I will have to tell you more about that in a future post!

Chandeliers and birdcage stands are made for each other!

This baby chandy and is oh-so-pretty-in-pink light bulb are my night-light in the hallway!

 This candle chandelier hangs in a very Gothic birdcage stand in the dining room. I plan to use this with candles on the deck, once I finish the makeover out there! I got both the birdcage stand and the chandelier at The Oak. The crystals are from Gallery!

This is another inexpensive Marshall's find--the little bird on the books was $3.00!

He looks so cute under his cloche!

I got these beautiful silver-plate bird figurines at a shop that has since closed due to the economy. I really miss going in there. Purple Passions owner, Toni Clark, really had an eye for beautiful and unique items.

Here is a close up of one; plus you can see the great chippy patina of the table he sits on!

Here is yet another pair of birdies! This time they are ceramic. Though they look old, they came from Michaels within the past year!

This is another beautiful and very large birdcage in my collection! I got this one at The Oak!

This birdcage was a gift from a friend on my birthday--it also came from Michaels! This little bird inside was a twenty-five cents yard-sale find!

I don't remember where I got this cage from, but it and its lovely green patina live in my pink and green guest room.

I got this great mini-cloche/urn combo at River's Edge--it was around $5.00!

Here is a close-up of the really big birdcage mentioned above! This is it around a year ago, in another vignette when it was in my bedroom.

What are some of your favorite items to collect? Do you have a favorite place to find your treasures? What are some things you would like to see in future postings of my blog? I hope to hear from all of you!

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