Living Room

[Edit: Here are additional, better quality, photos of my living room.]

This is the final of a much promised triptych post on my Kitchen, Dining Room, and Living Room. Here are some photos of my completely finished living room. Well, I say that now, but will probably change things up soon enough! I hope you enjoy.  Please comment and follow my blog! I will return comments/follow, etc. Please be patient, it may take me a while to get to you.
This is the view from the foyer.

Here is a view of the "fireplace" area. To all of you grammar sticklers out there, calling this my "fireplace" area is proper use of quotation marks, as it denotes my sarcasm because there is actually no fireplace--just the mantel! 
I love having these beautiful decanters and crystal perched upon another plateau. They really make the one very utilitarian table look so chic.

I re-did the vignette on the lovely, crusty, chippy former vanity that makes a wonderful console / lamp table.
This wonderful bird lamp inspired me to re-do this vignette.  I really love the tone-on-tone of the faux zinc finish on the lamp paired with the aqua colors in the insulator and the cast iron urn and finial.
I love these glass insulators. I bought a milk crate full of these last summer for a few bucks. It goes to show that grouping objects, even seemingly mundane things makes a huge statement. There is intrinsic beauty in so many things we just toss to the side.
Here is a nice shot of the whole room looking from my office. Please pardon the mess under the sofa--that is an ongoing project--vintage buttons to sort by type and color, plus somewhere under there are tons of napkin rings and cherub place card holders I got at a yard-sale recently. 
From this angle, you can see how my living room and dining room are just one big L-Shaped room, which makes it difficult to place furniture. I settled on this very French walnut settee--I spend most of my time at home in my office, so it is just comfortable enough for company to sit on, but not the best to lounge around. Sigh. I might get one of those slipcovered sofas from Ikea one of these days. I have to be careful, because the sofa is basically in the middle of the room--so it can't be too big.  
Sorry, I recycled this photo, I just love it! This chaise is a great place to curl up with a good book (who am I kidding, I can't remember the last time a read a book....) Okay, maybe the newest issue of Romantic Home or Romantic Country is more like it--I always did like the books with pictures!

I'm linking to a host of places you can find in my sidebars! I hope you have a wonderful visit to my Shabby French Cottage and come back often!

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