Industrial Chic

I really love the crusty, chippy, aged patina that grace formally industrial items.  I have really been inspired by sites like Junk Market Style and others.  Here are some close up shots of some of the industrial items in my home, so you too, can appreciate their time-warn grace.

This is the console in my living room. I found this piece at a shop almost as crusty and chippy as this piece! They had a fantastic selection of farmhouse antiques and early american furniture--the owner is amazingly nice and helpful! The place is Two Frogs on a Bike, not sure if they have a website. But they are located near historic downtown Hanover, VA, very near Ashland, VA and Kings Dominion, where 56 intersects with 301, across the street from an amazing restaurant, The Houndstooth Café.  My only complaints on them is they can't bring out the delicious homemade hushpuppies out faster than I can eat them and they don't open until 5pm!
All I needed to do was shove this in my car--not an easy task, and take it home! The layers of paint and random drips and streaks are amazing.
Another piece is this really neat file cabinet--several of you had questions about this from my living room post. I bought this at a estate sale--it was buried under some junk in a dark corner of their garage. I asked how much, and he said how about $5.00. It is very heave empty--nearly 70 pounds, and was FULL of nuts and bolts, and all sorts of litte bits and bobs--now I wish I would have kept them all, but alas, I shared with a fellow junker at the sale--it filled up two 3 gallon pails! I did kept a few pieces out of the lot. I have random little trinkets stored in there--glitter, ribbon, screws, nails, etc.
Here is a close up of the great texture and color variation! I left the original labels in the holders for a nice touch. 
I got this piece at the same estate sale--I'm still wondering why the top is wonky. My step-dad keeps promising to fix it, but he hasn't had time yet! 
An old garden shelf and some galvanized zinc buckets make for good storage in my kitchen.
I added stainless steel switch plate covers in the kitchen for more of an "urban farmhouse" style.  Here also is yet another  "flower arrangement" of vintage silverware!
Here is one of many industrial wire baskets I have--some for display, and others for storage.
Former industrial items even make great art!

I hope you have enjoyed this quick visit to my Shabby French Cottage! Please follow my blog--I will follow back, just bare with me--it might take me a while.
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