Budget Master Bath Reveal

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Finally! After a year since the initial water damage and over nine months of construction delays my estimated two-week master bath renovation is finally complete! 

For a budget of under $3,000.00 I was able to gut my dated 1964 pink bathroom and replace it with a chic space full of charm and detail! 

Porcelain Subway tile, bead board, and a Chic Parisian grey and white color scheme. A vintage French flower bucket makes a wonderful rubbish bin. I bought this one for a buck!

This room is teeny-tiny, so photographing it was a feat all in and of itself! 

As you enter from my bedroom--what a novice treat--a bathroom door! I haven't had a door to this bathroom since I moved in. The previous homeowners had installed a new toilet with an elongate bowl--you could not shut the door, so I took it down and hung a curtain.

In keeping with my frugality--the lovely pedestal sink was a whopping $40.00 brand new from Lowe's. The Faucet was $25.00 from Home Depot. (Really) These were off the shelf--no special orders.

Here I've displayed a collection of Mercury Glass, a mirrored glove box, bottles with Rhinestone Crown stoppers, and some vintage silver to further enhance the Parisian Chic color scheme.

Here is the view of the Eiffel Tower from my house--actually it is a photo printed on canvas I picked up at a thrift store for a few dollars.

More mercury glass and vintage silver and some coral and shells complete the vignette on the toilet tank.

 A view of the lovely Rachael Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic shower curtain from Target!

I purchased this ornate mirror for $10.00 off Craigslist and faux-finished it myself using Primer Grey Spray paint, watered-down flat white paint, some silver Rub-n-Buff, and lots of patience and elbow grease!

Here is a close up of all the detail! To achieve this look--dust the frame really well. Spray with several coats of grey primer spray paint, allow to dry. Use an old spray bottle and fill it with one part flat paint to 3 parts water. Spray on and brush/wipe, allowing to dry between applications. Keep adding layers. I put over twenty coats of the watered down paint to create this affect. After about the 10th coat, I added the Run-n-Buff on the highlights. I thought that was too shiny, so I added another 10 or so coats of white--the silver still shows, but is much more subdued. I priced similar mirrors and they sold for up to several thousand dollars online. This cost less than $20.00 and only took a day to complete.

Another view of the lovely Rachael Ashwell shower curtain! The industrial hooks are from Target, as well.

The Geometric rug is from the clearance section at Marshall's.

I have to share this with you--this light in the shower is also the ventilation fan! Yes, they now make pretty fans for the bathroom! The best part is they don't cost any more than the ugly ones!!!

Not bad for a $25.00 faucet!

Close-up of tile work, shower control, and shower head.

This medicine cabinet was $6.00 at a yard-sale.

This beautiful tassel was $3.00 at a favorite shop of mine.

Here is one final view of my bath! Let me know what you think! I'll be happy to answer any questions you have! Don't forget to follow me! Please leave a comment letting me know you followed me, so I may follow you back! Please be patient--I'm backlogged blogging--don't worry I will get around to you shortly! Thanks so much for stopping by! Check back often!


FAQs. . .

Wall Color: Valspar Polished Silver

Switchplate covers: Home Depot

I was my own contractor: I hired a handyman to do all the grunt work, I helped some. Basically I designed it, picked all the materials and went shopping with him and directed him in what to do.


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