Halloween Blog Party!!!

I shared my current Halloween Decorations with you in my post a little while ago. I hope you'll check it out, as well as the rest of my blog! Welcome new readers! If you would, please take a moment and become a follower! Please leave a comment letting me know you followed, so I may follow back! For the party today, I am going to share some photos of my Gothic Office, and my work-in-progress Gothic bedroom! There are lots of new photos, and a few recycled ones in case you missed them the first time! I will also be sharing some  more photos of my old home--it was a much smaller place, that I really decorated the whole place very Gothic! Enjoy and Happy Halloween! WARNING: There are TONS of Photos!

This is the current phase of my office. Nice and Gothic, not too spooky, as it stays like this year 'round.

Just as an FYI...do you see the bronze-colored urn on the top of the bookcase next to the mantel clock? It is a Hagar champagne bucket style vase. The interesting thing about it is who it once belonged to...I bought it a yardsale.  This used to belong to Tim & Daphne Reed! That's right--Venus Fly Trap and Aunt Viv themselves! How do I know this? Because I bought it at their yardsale! Another FYI, I used to live around the corner from them! They are super sweet, down-to-earth people.

In case you didn't know, I'm participating in the Halloween Blog Party over at A Fanciful Twist! 

Here is a lovely pair of cast brass gargoyle bookends.

Above, is a close-up of my living room in my old home. Yes, those are organ pipes. (The organ pipes are currently in the hall....waiting to find a home!)

A nice antique English cast-iron doorstop. I miss that rug! It was so pretty, but alas, it belonged to the landlord....

Stained glass and artechtectural items are a weakness of mine. This was a display at my old home.

This mirror was next to the front door in my old home. It is now in my office.

The staircase landing at my old home. You might see some of these items in my current Halloween decor!

This beautiful antique stained glass window is in my office!

A vignette from my bedroom in my old home.

Another antique English stained glass window. I have a pair of these--they were on display at my old home, but are now in a closet waiting to be used again!

Here is another Gothic-inspired former vignette at my home.

Here is a close-up on the detail of my bed!

Here are some photos from my office! Some are old, some are new!!!

These are some old photos of my work-in-progress Gothic bedroom. I plan on keeping the Gothic design scheme, but painting the furniture white. What do you think? What could I do to improve this room?

You might recognize some of these items from my Halloween post! I'm trying to clear the room to start fresh!

Here are some more photos from my office: (some tinted for extra Gothicness)

Thanks for joining me on the blog party! Happy Halloween! I hope you'll check back often!
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