Dream Home

During this time of year Second Empire home seem to dominate television. If you are unfamiliar with this style--think of the Addams Family's home or the Villa Marre--the home of Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women (the best show on TV, ever, sorry Gilmore Girls...)

Here are some beautiful photos of a Second Empire home near by--in fact, these are house-hunting photos from about two years ago, when I started looking to buy a house. Keep in mind, this was a foreclosure in pretty poor shape, but you can imagine its former grandeur and enjoy the overall spookieness of it. Here soon, I plan to post some photos of some of the beautiful restored homes in the area!

This home was HUGE!
English Basement: Three Bedrooms, Kitchen, Living Area, Laundry Area, Furnace Room, Coal Room, Cold Storage, full bath (7' ceiling)
First Floor: Grand Hall/Foyer, Ball Room, Dining Room, Double Parlor, Large Kitchen, Two Solariums, Half bath, master bedroom with en suite bath (14' ceiling)
Second Floor: large landing, morning room (breakfast area), sitting room, large full bath, two bedrooms (12' ceilings)
Third Floor: four bedrooms, two baths (8' ceilings)
Fourth Floor Tower: Sitting Area (8' ceiling)

Here is a close-up of the front doors. This was a beautiful, stately home at one time!

One more look at the front.

Close-up of the carved detail on the front door.

Here is one of the interior doors. I love the old, chippy patina!

This was a mural in the dining room.

This is one of 12 fireplaces in the home. No, that is not granite. It is slate faux-painted to look like marble and granite. These are very popular in mid to late 19th century homes in my area.

Here is the second floor landing.

This is also of the second floor hall, looking towards the morning (breakfast) room in the tower.

Here is one of the bedrooms on the second floor.

Here is another bedroom--this is a similar mantel to the one downstairs, it has just been stripped of its original faux paint.

This is the bathroom on the second floor.

Let's climb up to the tower.

Almost there! I promise the view is worth it!

Here is a view of the back yard on the way up.

Here is another view on the way up to the tower.

And the view from the tower! Spectacular!
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