French Garden Dining Room Remix

Apart from my recent French Farm Kitchen renovation, the post on my French Garden Dining Room is one of my most popular posts by far! I've made quite a few changes in here over the past year. Here are a few photos of what I've done so far, though it's not quite finished.

[Edit: Those are spools of twine, not rolls of toilet paper under the cloches!]
You can see how my dining room is an extension of my living room. I have a large topiary on a pedestal to help give the rooms more of a feeling of separation. I may add a curtain or a salvaged column or something similar. I haven't made up my mind how I want to do it yet!

I'm trying to thin out my typical "classy clutter" form of decorating for a bit more of a streamlined look. I love these baskets from They are great for storage!

Here's another peek into the room. I plan on painting my bistro chairs white. I'll post on those later! You can also see the antique Carrara marble dining table I have. It is on the smaller side, but still comfortably seats six. I picked that up sometime last year at a junk shop! You can also see that I've moved the altar from the living room into the dining room. It works very well as a server, after all, that was its original purpose--to serve the Holy Communion. I'll post on the display I have on there in a day or two!

Of course I have to have hydrangeas. I love them! These were free from an estate sale I went to this Spring.

[Edit: Again, those are spools of twine....I promise it's not toilet paper! Ha!)
Here is another view of the table. For the centerpiece, I've used a large wire urn full of aqua, green, and clear glass wire insulators, as well as some cast-iron urns full of antique glass furniture hardware. The runner is actually a scarf I picked up in the junior's department at Marshalls after Christmas. You can see a peak into the Living room in this photo. I'll do a post soon on the changes I've made in there recently.

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage
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