Altar Ego

I mentioned that I had moved my altar into the dining room. Yes, I have an altar, like one that used to be in a church...odd, yes, but functional? Absolutely! Plus it was only $50.00! (Thanks, Class & Trash!)

I've displayed a bunch of dried hydrangeas, some cloches, and lots of cast iron urns. I love bringing in all of these garden accessories indoors.

When not covered with a seasonal display, it really makes a great server!

It came with its beautiful shabby white finish.

Tips to achieve this look:

1. Gather together a mix of dried and fresh or artificial flowers and plants (mine are either dried or fake--shhh, don't tell!)

2. Use a mix of containers--think concrete planters, cast iron urns, french wire vases, etc. Make sure they all have a rustic or well loved feel.

3. Cloches (glass domes originally used to protect seedlings) elevate even mundane objects to heirloom status. 

4. Throw in a garden statue, bust, and/or an architectural element or two for good measure.

 5. Arrange everything in staggered heights, mixing textures to keep things interesting.

Thanks for stopping by! If you haven't done so yet, I'd love for you to become a follower! I've got lots more in store plus some very exciting news I can't quite reveal yet. I hope you all check back for it, as well as the usual dose of, as one reader put it, beautiful French design with a whimsical touch! Oh--one more thing, my online shop should be open in a week or two! I know it has taken me forever, but I'm finally to the point I'm able to get it going!

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

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