Living It Up

I wanted to share some photo of my living room, especially after the sneak peak you could see from my dining room! I've only changed a few things since I last shared this room with you, but for those of you new to my blog, please enjoy!

These hydrangeas were recycled from the picnic I had last week! 

This is the only pink glass flower frog I've ever seen.

I never painted these mirrors! I had planned to paint the frames white, but never got around to it, now I'm sorta glad I didn't, because I really love the tarnished gilt contrasting against the cool blue green of the walls.

I pulled in a few summer accessories to freshen up the space.

Spools of gardening twine make a statement when piled in a giant clam shell. No home should be without one!

Eventually I will paint this French Provincial dresser white. For now it is in all of its 1970s glory. I can't complain, for it was $25.00 at the Habitat ReStore!

For the life of me, I can't get those wrinkles out of the rug. I've tried everything. I think the cast-iron urn turned coffee table has stretched the poor rug past the point of no return! 

Loving all that sun streaming in!

I brought in this little touch of Paris I picked up around Christmas last year from Rivers' Edge. I did a post on this fantastic shop in October of last year.

Finally, a decent photo of the large armoire! 

One last photo of the living room. I really love how the sun catches the stained glass. It also bring the bright teal color of the bistro chairs across the room. I may hold off paining those for a while. I'm not sure, as my dining room is all white, aside from the green velvet chairs at each end of the table.

FYI--I went to Through The Garden Gate again last week. I have tons of photos to share coming up soon! I also have more photos from Maymont, and a few other surprises up my sleeve!  Check back often for more.

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage
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