Do You Like Chandeliers???

Okay, okay, okay. . . I'm sure, by now, you all know of my love for chandeliers. I have them everywhere--in nearly every room, hanging from birdcage stands, and even sitting on the floor waiting to be hung. If I'm honest, there's at least one in the attic and another in a closet. That's not even counting the chandelier crystals I have tucked into vignettes around the house. . .okay where am I going with this, you ask. . .the Mecca for Chandelier lovers. . .Anthill Antiques.

Anthill Antiques in Carytown, a hip, trendy, and beautiful section of Richmond, VA is the place to go! I first stumbled in here while in High School, and continue to come back!

There selection of One-of-a-Kind chandeliers is just the tip of the iceberg!

They carry the largest selection of chandelier crystals, beads, accessories, specialty light bulbs, lamp shades, and then some that I have ever seen.

If you've got a chandelier missing a few bits and bobs, I'm sure they can find a close if not exact match from their extensive selection of reproduction, vintage, and antique chandelier supplies.

Why not add a little sparkle to your home? (or garden. . .have you seen the folks on Pinterest with Chandeliers in their GARDEN???)

Any shape and size crystal you could ever want or need!

They've even got more modern chandys for those with less frilly houses. 

I adore the colored beads and leaves on this one. . .

Oh. . .they also carry fabulous hand-made jewelry constructed of vintage and antique jewelry, silverware, and other interesting whatnots; antiques, collectibles, and beautiful china to compliment your home.

I hope you've enjoyed this quick look at a favorite shop of mine! Visit their website for more info!

Lots more goodies coming soon!

***FCC Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. This is my honest opinion of a store I frequent as a customer***
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